Can Anyone Remove the Tape Post Rhinoplasty Or Should it be a Professional?

I had rhinoplasty and 4 days later the surgeon removed the splint and retaped. Since he will be out of town for a week the receptionist/assistant will be removing tubing and tape on day 7 post surgery. Shouldn't such treatment be done by a professional? This person is not an RN or MA or anything. She seems to know alot but I'm concerned. I do have a follow-up visit the following week. Thanks!

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Tape removal

There is nothing complicated about removal of tape form the nose but in our practice the surgeon always removes the initial tape - which sounds like your surgeon did at 4 days

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Tape Removal after Rhinoplasty

Don't worry about who should remove the tape after the cast has been taken off. If you got the tape wet standing in the shower it would fall off. Don't start second guessing the surgeon who you trusted to do your rhinoplasty.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Removal of tape after a Rhinoplasty

I see no reason why someone with experience around post-op rhinoplasty patients cannot take tape off at 7-10 days post surgery. I would not let them do anything inside the nose and possibly cause some bleeding and they should do nothing to move the bones.....but straight tape removal should be OK.

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Can Anyone Remove the Tape Post Rhinoplasty Or Should it be a Professional?

You should follow the advice of your Rhinoplasty Surgeon.  The tape should be removed in such a manner that it doesn't result in the skin being lifted up off the nasal skeleton in the immediate post Rhinoplasty phase.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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Tape removal after rhinoplasty

I would always recommend for you to have the tape removed at the doctors office during the first few times you have the taped placed on your nose right after rhinoplasty especially if you had your nasal bones fractured.


Good luck

Just about anyone can remove the tape

Although I keep my splints on for 6 days and retape for 3-4 more days, most of my patients remove their own tape.  If you are concerned you may want to see your plastic surgeons covering doctor to remove the tape if this will make you feel better.

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