Is It Possible to Remove the Fat Transfered my Face if I'm Not Happy from the Result?

Hi Dear Doctor,I had fat transfer from my belly to my face last year ,but I am not happy from the result,is it possible to remove it from my face ,I prefer my natural face.

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Facial fat transfer--want to remove it now.

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Facial liposuction seems such an "easy" answer, but if the fat that was transferred has actually survived since its implantation a year ago, it was placed very carefully into tiny tunnels throughout your facial tissues, and is not something easily accessible. Facial liposuction in general is fraught with potential serious complications, the most devastating one damage to the tiny facial nerve branches that could cause stroke-like facial paralysis. Scarring and irregularity are less serious, but no less deforming, risks.

Depending on your age and the initial reasons for undergoing the facial fat grafting, the safest and most precise way of removing the unwanted fat would be via facelift. This exposes the fatty layer to direct vision and allows precise and careful fat sculpting and meticulous hemostasis. This, of course, makes sense only if you were/are an appropriate facelift candidate in the first place.

Depending on the location and amount of grafting, other direct surgical approaches may be applicable, such as lower eyelid (blepharoplasty) approach for tear trough  grafting. Obviously, the amount and location of  the unwanted fat, as well as any potential access points, are something your surgeon must consider.

One of the concerns I have seen in patients who underwent facial grafting with abdominal fat is that weight gain can result in abdominal fat (including the fat transferred to the face) enlargement. In the face, it doesn't take very much gain to cause visible distortion from the enlarging grafts, especially in some locations such as the lower eyelids. Just something for other patients reading this to consider when requesting facial fat transfer from the abdomen. Good luck with this! Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

Fat Grafting Results

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In a word, yes, the fat, grafted to your face can be removed and your result can be improved.  Search for a plastic surgeon with extensive experience with fat grafting

 I'd like to  address why some pole end up with a result from fat grafting that they would like to change. There is such a wide range of techniques, instrumentation and experience among the surgeons that perform this surgical procedure.  Because of the tremendous variability in all of these factors, there is tremendous variability in fat grafting results.  To perform fat grafting successfully and reproducibly a surgeon must employ careful preoperative planning, appropriate instrumentation and meticulous surgical technique.  It is not something you can 'rush through' or spend just a few minutes on during a larger surgical procedure.  The unfortunate reality is that not everyone who performs fat grafting is willing to put in the level of education, training, investment in instrumentation and operative effort required to produce aesthetically ideal results.

One must also have an aesthetic vision for ideal and youthful-appearing facial fullness.   Just like traditional facelift surgery can be overdone or performed incorrectly to produce an unnaturally tight, pulled, 'windswept' look, fat grafting can be overdone to produce an excessively full and even bizarre postoperative appearance.  Too much fat grafted into any area (or any fat placed where it doesn't belong) looks unnatural.  It's analogous to breast augmentation results: if the surgeons selects an appropriate implant volume and positions the implants correctly, the patient gets a beautiful, natural-appearing breast enhancement.  If the surgeons stuffs a pair of 500cc implants behind the breasts of an average-sized patient, then that patient ends up with a cartoonish 'boob job'.  I think many of the unfavorable results in fat grafting are from the overzealous placement of excessive amounts of fat, which may have been the inevitable response to the recent paradigm shift in aesthetic facial surgery: away from the 'wind tunnel look', and towards the restoration of soft tissue volume.

Michael Law, MD
Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon
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Removal of previously injected fat into the face can be done but...

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Removal of fat that was previously injected into the face can be done but it is not very easy to obtain the desired or a predictable result. Your situation highlights one of the problems of injections of fat into the face which is often touted by certain practitioners in a very cavalier way.

Removing Fat Transfer

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Possible, yes; simple, no.

Once the fat has been injected there is a certain amount of time during which it acquires blood supply from the surrounding area.  As that occurs, and as there is scar tissue formation (a normal part of all healing), it becomes increasingly difficult to "undo" the procedure. 

If it were a solid implant (breast, cheek, chin, etc) and you changed your mind at an early stage you could have the implant removed and, depending on a number of factors, more or less return to your presurgical appearance.  With fat transfers, though, there is no simple way to undo it.

That being said, with time it should hopefully settle down on its own or you may be able to have some contouring done.  That is then similar to liposuction.

You should of course remain in contact with your own plastic surgeon.

Ii hope that this helps and good luck,

Dr. E

Is It Poss to Remove the Fat Transfer in my Face if I'm Not Happy w/ the Result?Answr:

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It would be very difficult to remove fat that has been placed in your face a year ago....Using Lipo to do so is very hard, so I would recommend removing it surgically. It is a hassle, I know, to go back for another procedure but that is probably the most accurate way to do so....

Fat removal from face after fat transfer

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It is possible but may be difficult to do.  You may be trading one problem for another.  Obtain a second opinion to help determine the most predictable treatment to meet your need.  Donald R. Nunn MD  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

Is It Possible to Remove the Fat Transfered my Face if I'm Not Happy from the Result?

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Yes, but it can be difficult and may need to be replaced with an off the shelf, more reliable filler for facial contouring/shaping.  This highlights one of the reasons that I won't use fat transfer.

Removing Fat Transfered into the Face is not straight forward

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Fat transfer to the face is usually done in very small amounts and placed in many layers to maximize the survival as well as the filling effect. As a result such fat is NOT amenable to easy liposuction and can result in serious complications.

You may wish to see a second opinion from more than one Plastic surgeon to fully understand your real options.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Plastic Surgery
Memphis, TN

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Fat transfer to face

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It is possible to remove transferred fat from the face using controlled liposuction technique. This procedure, however, is risky in terms of the possible damage that important facial structures can sustain. Best to consult a Board-ceritfied plastic surgeon with extensive experience in facial surgery. Good luck and fare well.

Daniel Kaufman, MD, MSc


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It may be possible to remove fat that was injected into your fae using facial liposuction techniues. Be sure that whoever you see about this has had some experience with yhour specific type of problem.

Sheldon S. Kabaker, MD FACS
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon

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