How Can I Remove the Excess Fat from my Cheeks? (photo)

I have really chubby cheeks and always have but I'm not overweight. I exercise daily but they still won't go away. I'm mostly concerned about the extra fat on the sides of my mouth and under my cheek bones and my double chin. I feel great about every feature except that so I was wondering if there were any procedures that could take care of this for me... Thanks!

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How Can I Remove the Excess Fat from my Cheeks?

 From the photos provided there are several issues going on in the face.  First, if you are under 18 please share this answer with your parents.  The face, is relatively triangular shaped with very flat cheeks, weak chin and evidence of "some" excess fat of the lower face.  For a more feminine "heart-shaped" face the first step would be to augment the cheeks anteriorly (in the front) into a more aesthetic rounded shape.  \

 This may seem counter-intuitive to you since you think there's excess fat there but it's actually the flat shape of the cheeks that's making the face appear relatively masculine.  Cheek augmentation with a filler (I prefer Perlane) or a cheek implant for a permanent change would address this issue.

The chin appears weak, although a true side profile shot is need for this determination.  A weak chin provides less room for the tissues, of the neck, making it appear to have aged prematurely.  Chin augmentation with a filler (I prefer Radiesse) or a chin implant for a permanent change can be considered.

 This concepts are described in greater detail in by book on the aesthetics of face/body beauty.

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