Abnormal healing after last tattoo removal session, will it heal?

I have removed my tattoo now 8x, everything was fine but last time there was not a blister but wierd formation of white looking thing. Well, it poped when i was at trainingsession, there came blood and then it scabed. I did not touch scab but it came off when it was healed i guess. Well, it is still red and if i touch it, it feels like a little hole. It looks red like a burn, it is small area. I guess it can be burn. Does such things heal? It is already over month like this.

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Aftercare is imperative

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I always expain to tattoo patients that 50 percent of the removal is what we do and 50 prcent what they do when they leave the cinic. Proper aftercare isan imperative part of the removal process and you shouldn't be in a "training session" until the treated area is completely healed. It would be unprofessional for me to comment on your specific case since I do not have all the details but I will state that even when patients don't follow our aftercare instructions the unwanted side effects are usually relatively minimal as long they as they necessary steps to allow it to heal properly.

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