Is It Possible to Remove the Suture Made Between the Medial Crural Feet 5 Years Later?

During my initial rhinoplasty the doctor changed the width of my nasal base. I believe it is too narrowed and is affecting the appearance of functionality of the upper lip slightly. How likely is it to widen if the suture is to be removed during a revision? (At the same time I also need grafts in the tip to repare valve collapse and to have it derotated slightly) Thank You

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Correction of overly narrowed and rotated nose

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It is unlikely that removing a suture 5 years after rhinoplasty will have a major impact on the width of your nose as the nose has already had a significant amount of time to heal into its current shape.  Revision rhinoplasty can broaden an overly narrowed columella or nasal tip and "derotate" an overly rotated or shortened nose but it generally requires cartilage grafts in addition to suture techniques to accomplish these changes.  Cartilage grafting can also improve breathing by providing support to those areas that may be to flaccid or collapse with inspiration.   it is difficult to tell without a full nasal series of pictures which of these problems you face.   There is no substitue, however, for an  in person consultation with a surgeon experienced in revision rhinoplasty.

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Removal of Stitch in Nasal Base 5 years after Rhinoplasty

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The stitch can be removed 5 years after surgery, but as others have said this will make no difference in the appearance of your nasal base. After reviewing your one picture it is difficult to understand your complaints, especially upper lip movement; it is obvious that you need a consultation with  physical examination.

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Suture removal

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At this point in time the suture is not holding anything together so removing it will not change things. If you want that area widened then the surgeon can "release" the tissues and it should open especially if the plan is to deproject your nose a little bit.

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Suture removal after rhinoplasty

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Having permanent sutures removed many years after an initial rhinoplasty can be accomplished but it will have no effect on the nasal appearance since the suture is no longer holding anything together. To answer the second part of the question, the revision can be performed at any time henceforth to affect the other changes you desire.

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Suture removal 5 years after rhinoplasty

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The suture could be removed but it is unlikely to change the tissues since they have healed in the present condition.  Discuss your options with a board certified surgeon to see what may or may not improve your nasal appearance.  Donald R. Nunn MD  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

Can the base suture be removed 5 years after a Rhinoplasty?

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Yes, the base suture could be cut 5 years after the Rhinoplasty but it won't have any change at this late date after your Rhinoplasty.  IMHO, the base of your nose is not too narrow.


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The base of your nose looks fine , it does not seem to wide. Removing the suture would be a waste of time. If you are unhappy with your nose make sure your consultation is with and experienced rhinoplastic surgeon.

Sutures in the medial crura

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After five years, removal of a suture in the medial crura is unlikely to have any impact as the tissues are now firmly healed. If  the base is overly narrow, a small cartilage graft can open and support the area.

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Is It Possible to Remove the Suture Made Between the Medial Crural Feet 5 Years Later?

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Removing the suture at this point will not change anything has the tissues have already healed in the position that they were placed during your initial surgery. From the picture you submitted, it does appear that you have some collpase of the lateral nasal walls. You are right a revision rhinoplasty will be required to fix these problems, de-rotation can also be acomplished at the same time.

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