How to Remove Scars in Legs and Arms Without Surgery?

i have so many scars in legs in arms because of insect bite and other is minor accident how can i remove without surgical?.. and im so very shy in school because of my scars,..when my friends see it im so very shy cause their legs and arms are so flawless plsss how can i remove the scars?

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Scars from skin trauma on the body

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Many times it is hard to tell a difference between scars and stains on body skin. Stains are just discolorations where scars have different texture and either indented or bumpy. I understand that skin imperfections such as various dark or red spots, marks or stains can influence self-image.

There are simple ways to address these stains with combination approach: sun protection, lightening creams with hydroquinone, retinoid and mild steroid, and etc. However, the actual scars are harder to treat with creams, they respond better to laser therapies such as pulse dye or fraxel. The best way to deal with your scars is to get evaluation by a skin specialist and determine if these are stains or scars and what would be the optimal way to treat them.

Davie Dermatologist

Improvement of multiple leg and arm scars from insect bites

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There are no easy methods to remove the scars. Occasionally skin bleaching agents, steroids, retin-a, anti-inflammatories, and sun screens may help to improve the scars over time. Rarely are lasers truly beneficial in eliminating these scars. However, some may decrease the redness.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Laser Treatments for Bug Bite Scars

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We have successfully treated bug bite scars on the legs in multiple patients using q-switched lasers.  Q-switched lasers are not the most common of lasers and it is even less common to find a practitioner experienced in using them for traumatic scars like you speak about.  Check out the before and after picture link below to see photos of a young Philippino woman with the same issue you describe.  She wore a dress for the first time in years to her friends wedding after finishing treatment with us.  Good luck.

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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