How Do I Remove a Scar Made More Visible by Dermabrasion?

Two years ago I had a squamous cell removed with MOHS. I had 8 stiches and it looked pretty good, no scar on the incision, except it was bumpy. I consulted my doctor, who advised that Dermabrasion woubld be best. So we went ahead with the treatment. I feel that it was the worst advice ever because now the scar is very noticeable. Laser Treatments that I've been having improved the surface, but not this sunken indention. It is not visible on pictures, though, because 3D doesn't capture it. But if a light source comes from the right, the shadow effect causes it to catch attention. Anyway, my face does not look symmetrical to me and I really would like to do something that has a lasting result. Thank you.

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Correcting dermabrasion results

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Dermabrasion is an excellent technique that effectively resurfaces the skin. It works by shaving down the outer layers of skin until it be deeper layers of skin are exposed. It is these deeper layers of skin that will repopulate the superficial skin layers. If the concern is that your scars are now more visible, you may benefit from recontouring the area with subcision or using dermal fillers underneath the area.

Consider the use of fillers in a scar to correct the depression

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IF the shadow or lighting is making it worse, it may be due to a depression. Have you considered the use of fillers to correct the contour deformity?

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