Is It Possible to Remove a Scar That I Had for 18 Years?

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Treatment of older scars on the face and body

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Older scars are often very amenable to surgical scar removal or laser resurfacing. 

Longstanding scar removals

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Yes, it is possible tor remove any scar.  The problem is: "what will replace it?"  Scars represent a wound healing process from stimulation and deposition of collagen fibers.  There are many modalities specifically intended to "re-organize"  the direction of these fibers.  However, the overall visibility of the scars may or may not be reduced effectively.  Best to get several opinions and research your recommendations before committing to any one treatment.  Unfortunately, some are better than others, and many patients will need to try several before finding a satisfactory result.  We offer carboxytherapy, microneedling, radiofrequency, topical treatments with gels and silicone sheets, and of course, surgery. 

Yes, even scars that are several years old can be improved.

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There are several techniques available to improve scars. So based on the nature of your scar, your dermatologist/ plastic surgeon should be able to give you a few options for scar improvement. Also, it would be more helpful if you posted an image of your scar - to give a more specific reply.

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