Can I Remove Saline Implants to Get Smaller Silicone Implants and Not Have Sagging or Rippling?

I've had my breast implants for about 3.5 yrs I went from b with min. breast tissue from kids to a DD I asked for a small D I am slim. I believe I got 350cc's. they are round, under muscle. I have rippling on the sides. I would like silicone and a natural smaller implant. but I am wondering what can I do so my next implants don't have the rippling? Can I go to a smaller implant large C /cup small D or is my skin going to be too stretched? Will a lift fix this and will that leave a nasty scar

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Switching from saline to silicone

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Switching from saline implants to silicone implants is definitely an option. Rippling is much more common in saline implants than in silicone and is a main reason why women switch. In order to determine the incision size and what size you can go down to I recommend having a consultation with your plastic surgeon. He or she will be able to fully asses your situation and give you the best options.

Can I switch from saline to smaller silicone implants without rippling

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Yes, you can switch from saline to silicone implants.  Depending on how much of your own breast tissue you have left after babies and how much smaller you are planning to go will determine if you will need a lift.  How much of your own breast tissue you have left will also determine if you will still see rippling but most likely you will still be able to feel your implant. Your expectations will also determine whether you will benefit from a lift.  Definitely see a board certified plastic surgeon to go over concerns, expectations and options after a physical exam.  Discuss the scar pattern from a lift and look at photos and try to keep in mind that there are many treatments available to minimize the appearance of the scars, but again discuss this with your surgeon.  ac

Angela Champion, MD
Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon


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Going to silicone will improve your rippling. Downsizing will also decrease your size but I usually won't promise a size and will place sizers intraop to find the smallest size possible without leaving so much extra skin. One other option is to pop the implants and allow the skin to shrink in a month and then swap out the implants. Best of luck.

Breast Sagging

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Based on your picture, you are likely to need a lift in order to get perky breast.  You can have lollipop incision and usually heal well.  Make sure you are dealing with a board certified plastic surgeon.

As far as rippling, it is less with silicone implants especially with form stable.  With a smaller implant you will also have rippling because you would have more of your tissue.

Rippling with Saline or Silicone Implants

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Generally speaking, if your skin and breast tissue is thin enough to show rippling with saline, it will also show to some degree with traditional round smooth gel silicone implants. You may want to consider a form stable implant, which is a thicker silicone that may carry less risk of rippling.   I have been impressed by the results of these implants.

In regards to downsizing, you will most likely require some degree of a lift.   This can only be determined by an in office exam by your plastic surgeon, but based on your thin skin, it may be necessary.

Best wishes,

Dr. Gill

Paul S. Gill, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon

You may continue to have rippling.

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Both saline and silicone can give rippling.  Although rippling is better with silicone, depending on how much breast tissue and muscle coverage you have, you may continue to feel and see rippling.  You said you had a minimal breast tissue prior to breast augmentation.  Most likely, you will continue to have rippling after switching to silicone.  Due to your breast changes with time and pregnancy, you will most likely have excess skin after going to smaller silicone implant.  You will need lift if you want to downsize the implant.  Please visit with plastic surgeon who can examine you and advise you on your options for breast lift and implant size.  Most times, scars from breast lift heal very well.

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