Possible to Remove Permanent Sutures (Possibly Prolene) from DST Method Done 3 Years Ago?

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Removing sutures after DST performed three years ago

It is not difficult to remove prolene or other permanent sutures from a prior suture technique. It may require a larger incision or conversion to an incision technique. Scar formation is not usually a problem even with long-term placement of sutures.

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Removal of sutures

If by DST you mean direct suture technique, then yes it is quite easy to remove any permanent sutures from your eyelid, especially if prolene or nylon suture is used. You might lose to effect from the Asian blepharoplasty in that you might lose the crease or it can be significantly weakeded or blunted. But if you feel that the sutures are spitting out, then yes, you can have them removed. I would recommend going back to the surgeon who placed such sutures, they would be able to take care of this issue for you, good luck!

George Min, MD
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