Is it possible to remove a part of a Mole Removal stitch that is permanent and pokes out of the skin?

Hello, I had a mole removed from my nose almost 4 months ago. My surgeon used permanent stitches to internally close the wound and now a part of a stitch sticks out. Everything's been healing very well, there is no irritation (at least I think so) and the blue stitch is hardly visible, but I can feel it and it makes me slightly anxious. Is it dangerous? Can a surgeon remove it without opening the incision? Is it possible to just trim the stitch? Thank you very much for all your answers!

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Projecting suture

yes, this can be removed fairly easily in the office by your surgeon without opening up the incision again.

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Stitch sticking out after procedure

It is very easy to fix this and no, the entire incision doesn't need to be reopened. This happens from time-to-time and while it's not dangerous, it can be irritating. Just return to your surgeon and have it snipped and tucked.

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