Should I Remove my Silhouette Lift After 6 Days of Insertion? I'm Not Happy with the Result.

Im 40 yrs old guy. I did silhouette lift 6 days ago to correct my nasolibial line. But the result in not good. The surgeon pull too tight on one side of my face and caused the surface uneven, bumpy, ripple. I can see tht my face is not even now. The surgeon said it will correct itself after about 2 weeks but i doubt so. Pls advise me soonest before its too late for me to remove/cut the threat. Thanks.

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Removing of sutures

I would definitely follow closely with your surgeon before removing them.  The unevenness of the skin typically does resolve within weeks.  It is not too early to cut the sutures and release some of the tension/tethering that it may be causing.  I would recommend visiting with your surgeon for follow-up.

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What to do if you aren't happy after your procedure?

Please call your treating physician if you are ever unhappy with your results.  At 6 days post procedure, I would expect you would still have swelling, bruising and some waviness or the appearance of lumps/bumps.  I tell patients not to look so closely for at least 2 weeks.  it takes that long for the appearance to settle.  However, if the suture isn't well placed for your needs, it can be cut and left in place -- it will stimulate collagen just as sculptra would. Alternatively, if you are just having focal swelling or firmness or waviness, your physician may be able to improve it with an injection of dilute corticosteroid, use of radiowave or oral diuretic for swelling or adding a filler.

I hope this answers your question.  Best wishes.

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