How Can I Remove my Old Scars and Stop Suffering Now?

Dear Doctors, I'm from the Philippines& I have scars on my legs. I had them since I was a kid. My sister have them too& we are both dying to remove it. We bought different scar removers but it didn't work. I'm currently applying olive oil and turmeric powder on it. Does it work? The scars are brown colored and there sizes are like of a thumb. I got mine from ants bite until it wounds and becomes scars. I have them for over 10 years now. For years I suffered a lot.

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Improving dark scars on the legs - Melarase creams twice daily

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I treat many patients with dark scars on the legs. I would begin with a topical treatment with Melarase creams twice daily to lighten and improve the scars. Raffy Karamanoukian Los Angeles

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