Can I remove my mole without leaving a scar? (photo)

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Moles should be surgically removed, this will leave a scar. but any mole removed should be sent for pathology as full thickness so as to get a proper diagnosis. If the mole is a problem mole we need to know from the biopsy how thick, the cell type, the body reaction , without the inflammation caused by the cautery.
Have the mole examined by your dermatologist or plastic surgeon. If it needs removal then remove and accept the scar. if not then leave it and observe. cosmetic results are important for me, but I do not want to miss the diagnosis of cancer.

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Mole Removal without scars

Moles can be removed without scars.  The mole on your nose is pigmented and the problem is that if you shave this mole there will be pigment that can re-grow from beneath.  However, if it is excised you do run the risk of a small scar.  Please consult a board certified surgeon for the best cosmetic results.

Michele S. Green, MD
New York Dermatologist
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