How to Remove This Mole Completely? (photo)

Hi doctors, I have posted about this mole before, and I have received many good answers. My story short. In middle of March, I went to a dermatologist to have this mole removed. She performed the shaving method. After 1 month, It came back completely as it has been. Fortunately, I have been using scar zone product after the mole healed. The mole has been flatten significantly, but the dark area remained the same. My question is , SHould I remove this one more time ? Which method would you refer?

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Mole Removal of the Upper Lip Skin

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  • Moles treated by shave excision may recur depending on how deeply the shave was carried. 
  • If you find this mole bothersome, the next step would be to have a formal excision of this mole whereby an incision is made through all layers of the skin and small sutures are placed to close the skin. 
  • You would be left with a small vertical scar that over time will fade quite a bit.
  • Find an experienced board certified plastic surgeon to perform this procedure.  

Complete mole removal

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It is possible that after shaving a raised mole, that some pigment remains.  Since this appears to be the case in your instance and if it bothers you, I would recommend surgical excision of the remaining part of the mole to remove it completely 

Michael I. Echavez, MD
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
4.5 out of 5 stars 18 reviews

How to completely remove a mole

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As your mole appears from the photographs to now be much less visible, you must decide if you find the remaining hyperpigmentation to be bothersome. If you want to have the residual dark area removed, you should have an excision with layer closure using both dissolving and non-dissolving stitches to ensure its complete removal and to give the best cosmetic result. The area then typically heals with a small, linear scar that is hardly visible. It is a simple procedure that is done in the office.

Mitchell Schwartz, MD
South Burlington Dermatologic Surgeon
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Should I remove a mole on the face?

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Shaving methods don't often remove moles, but they are great ways to sample a mole for pathology and determine atypia. Should you get it removed? What the shave pathology stated would be important to consider. If the pathology is questionable or malignant then removal is recommended. This is for you and your surgeon to decide together as a team. As far as how to remove. I would approach this with a small vertical incision. Its small and in a good location. But you will have a slight scar forever. So before you choose to remove a benign mole you should consider can you live with the scar or the mole. Again, if the pathology shows something bad or there is change in size color height etc then get it off. If not then you can look around and talk to a few plastic surgeons about their preferred method for removal and possible complications.

Best of Luck!

W. Thomas McClellan, MD, FACS
Morgantown Plastic Surgeon

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