How to Remove Hypertrophic Surgery Scars Successfully?

I had a breast augmentation several years ago and healed flawlessly with scars that could not even be seen under a magnifying glass. I had a second surgery to get smaller implants with the same doctor, and I got nasty hypertrophic scars. I had a scar revision on those scars and used fancy silicone gel afterward but got hypertrophic scars again.! My doctor recommends trying another revision using "non-reactive" suchers and injecting a steroid during the revision. Does this sound like a solution??

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Surgical scar revision vs. Conservative treatment for breast scars

Surgical scar revision is suitable in some cases, but your particular case may be better suited to non-surgical treatments to decrease the chance of scar recurrence.  Sometimes conservative measures are far superior to surgical revision surgery. 

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Hypertrophic scars following breast surgery

Thank you for the question!  Scars are usually dependent on the way the person heals.  However, there are certainly other factors involved that impact the appearance of the scar (e.g., tension on the incision, infection, surgical scarring, etc.).  Given the fact that you healed well after your first procedure, I would expect that this could be ameliorated.  Your situation is not uncommon; I am glad that your surgeon has recognized this and willing to help.  The modalities that your surgeon offered are excellent and a great first option.  Discuss with your surgeon things that may help you attain the finest scar after the revision (e.g., scar massage, silicone sheets, Mederma, ScarGuard, etc.), as each surgeon has a different opinion.   I hope that this helps!  Best of luck!

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Hypertrophic scars after secondary augmentation

This is concerning because your scarring was not anticipated following downsizing in implant size.  Are there any changes in your activities or lifestyle following your initial procedure that could have impacted your healing?  Regardless, the option your doctor proposes certainly sounds reasonable and is something worth pursuing if the scar is really bothersome to you.  If not, and its only the appearance you are concerned about, consider ignoring it and focusing on the other issues the life throws your way.

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