Best Way to Remove Fat Graft to Face?

Hi, I am looking at removing a fat graft to my lower cheeks. I had it done two years ago when I was 26 and too much fat "took" and I really dislike the look of it. I understand it is difficult to remove fat grafts. Currently the methods I am aware of are: - Liposuction - may be difficult as fat injected is harder to remove than normal fat? - Steroid inject - limited how much can be used and potentially risky. - Lipodissolve - not FDA approved, potentially risky - Extreme weight loss

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Other ways to remove fat grafted to the face

The techniques you listed are all valid.  Liposuction is very possible when using a very small cannula.  Laser Lipo is also a technique that can be utilized.  One additional technique that would most certainly work is Ulthera.  Ulthera is an medical device that utilizes ultrasound to coagulate tissue in the layer under the skin.  It is very will controlled in it's energy delivery.  The only drawback is expense and the likely need for multiple treatments.  It would most certainly work however, and without surgery or downtime.

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Unhappy with too much take from a fat graft to cheeks

you have done your homework and have described well the alternatives and risks.  One additional alternative would be risky as well, and that is trying to utilize Thermage with the original higher energy protocols. There had been some reported cases of fat atrophy and if the device were used off-label in this regard to create atrophy of your fat, it might give you a satisfactory result. The reality is that the Thermage would not be that easy to control and if you develop atrophy it might be irregular and not aesthetically pleasing.

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