Remove Fat From Nasolabial Folds and Calcified Fat from Face?

3 years ago,I did fat transfer, to cheeks\nasolabial folds. But I'm not happy with the outcome, now I have the face too fat, especially when I smile. And, on one side of face, part of it calcified. After,I did 2 small liposuctions (and I improved). But the doctor only remove from above,he didn't remove the calcified fat nor from the nasolabial folds. Can I remove from nasolabial?Or there the face has more nerves than 5-10 mm above(where I have sucess)? It's possible to remove the calcified fat?

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Calcified fat

Fat can generally be removed. I have done over 4000 fat grafting procedures and never seen calcified. I have seen the fat get hard and encapsulated which can be broken up with needle sticks and pressure.How do you know it is calified? 

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Removing fat from the face...

If fat is calcified it can’t be removed with liposuction, it requires direct excision which involves an incision and a scar after healing.


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