How Can I Remove Facial Scar Tissue Formation?

I had IPL Palomar Starlux in Feb and developed what I thought was pigmentation. Later, I confirmed that it is facial scar tissue formation, which is slightly raised from normal skin and is about three shades darker than my normal skin. I also ended up having an inch indentation from the procedure. How do I get rid of this problem? Would scar creams and silicon sheeting work, such as Rejuveness? I am afraid to get laser, since the results are not guaranteed.

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No result is guaranteed.


In scar improvement in particular, nothing is guaranteed. You need to get a few evaluations by certified experienced surgeons in your area to see what options are open to you. Then research things yourself before having anything done.

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John Di Saia MD

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Multiple options exist to fix this problem

It would be very helpfull to have a picture. What you mentioned involve 3 clinical findings: pigmentation,scar formation. and dents .Each of these need a different treatment. Pigmentation requires bleaching creams, sunscreens, or IPL.

Dents could require fillers or scar release if caused by excessive fibrous tissue. Scar tissue formation is treated depending on the location, duration of the scar. Silicone sheets, kenolog injection, etc. would be helpful.

Hisham Seify, MD, PhD, FACS
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