How to Remove Chickenpox Scars?

Hello , i had chicken pox 7 monthes ago and it left 6 scars on my forhead and one on my left cheek i would give my scars on scale from one to ten on how deep they are a 8 and half , im 17 i have dry skin ,im an arabian female my skin is not sensitive , my scars are not pigmented , i've seen doctor and gave some creams and cleanser to get rid of pigment and it worken well but i was wondering how to get rid if the actual holes on my skin , my skin brings my self esteem down . Thank you

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Treatment for chickenpox scars on face

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Without seeing pictures of you, it's difficult to give you precise advice.  In general, if the scar is depressed and wide, sometimes fillers can be injected underneath to help.  For some chickenpox scars, sometimes a surgical scar revision can give a better result.  

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