Can I Remove Cheek Implant After 3 Weeks Surgery?

Hi i had a porex cheek implant sergery 3 weeks ago,and its too big for my face,and still i hav swelling ,and i feel uncomfortable,i look worse... and also i cant smile like before,i just want to know can i remove it?or is there any problem after remove? plzz help me..i feel nerves...:(even i cant go out just in my bed all the time,i cant see my face in mirror..i hate my face rite now:( i want my cheeks back!!

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Cheek implant removal 3 weeks after surgery

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I would not recommend removing your implants at three weeks after they were surgically placed.  There still is swelling involved and this will make the area appear larger than it will be later.  I would agree with your physician that you should wait, and I would wait at least six months from the time of your surgery before making a decision about possibly removing them.  

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Porex implant too big, swelling

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I do not like Porex as an implant as it can be very difficult to remove later on as tissue grows into the implant. Silastic is better.

Depending on the swelling you have and consultation with your surgeon, you should discuss your concerns with your surgeon right away.


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Cheek Implant Removal after 3 Weeks

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    The swelling will be considerable at this early time, and you should wait to see if this is what you want once the swelling subsides.  I would concur with your surgeon's recommendation.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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