How Can I Remove Some Cheek Fat Without my Face Looking Way Too Skinny?

i have verry chubby cheeks but im skinny and i am 16.when i turn 18 im thinking of getting plastic surgery to get rid of some of my cheek fat.alote of my family memmember are also kinda cheeky.but i have it a little bit fatter and that bothers face structer isnt fat i dont have a square face or anything its just my cheeks that kinda give me the apearance of a roundish face.but im scared that if i go through this,they will make my face waaayyy too skinny.i dont want them to over do it.

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Chubby cheeks and fat removal.

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As you age the fat will go down unless you gain wiehgt. For now donothing and when you are 18 submit photos if it still bothers you.

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