Can You Remove Butt Implants and Perform a Braziilian Butt Lift on the Same Day?

i have butt implants and want them removed and go with braz. butt lift procd. can this be done at the same time???

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Brazilian Butt lift with implant removal

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This can be accomplished but the amount of fat injected would be relatively limited because it could not be injected in the sapce where the implant was located. Only the muscle could be enhanced at this time and a drain would be required.

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It would be best to separate these two operations.

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Hello again Tammy

I would not recommend removing Butt Implants and injecting fat into your butt on the same day. It would be best to allow the pockets where the implants were to close up first. The concern I have is that the fat that is injected would migrate into the pocket and die as well as concern about having enough blood supply to the new fat cells to keep them alive. I would recommend allowing a couple of months between the two operations.

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