Remove Big Colorful Tattoo -deep red, deep green and orange

Hi, i'm toltally desperate.I get a cover up of a bad light blue tattoo an they made a bad mistake..Now I have a big red,deep red,deep green and some orange tattoo.And I still can see the first tattoo..It'a sbout 25 cm and I want to remove it.I get it 2 weeks ago and it presents a lot of pimples but not in greens parts,only in red parts.Can I remove it?when can I start?Can I remove all the colors?What I can expect?Thank you and sorry for my english

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Tattoo removal

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Unfortunately removal of your tattoo is a major undertaking. This is because of its large size and the presence of unfavorable (difficult  to treat)  colors such as the green. The red/black colors will be easier to remove. The tattoo is obviously a professional tattoo suggesting deep application of ink and the cover-up obviously has required more Ink  application. Treatment may require over 20 sessions and take at least 2 years to accomplish with the technology currently available. Even after these treatments some ink will likely remain.

Sorry for the “bad news” but it is best to be well informed. Best wishes.

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