How to Remove Bad Leg Scars? (photo)

Hi, i have scars on my legs since i was 13. But it became worst last year as i easily get infection (itchiness after shave, and also legs acne). I have tried Bio Oil and Mederma but it doesnt work. Must i try more expensive products or treatments? If yes, may i know which is the best product? Or is there any cost-saving way that u can advice? Coz it is embarrassing that i have to wear stockings whenever i wear skirts or shorts. I have lost my confidence and I'm still young. Please help me!

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A lightening cream should help with these scars.

Firstly, I hope you are not touching/ scratching or worrying these lesions, if you are - please stop. A lightening cream containing azelaic acid should be able to help you get rid of these - your dermatologist will be able to help you with this. Also, if you have sensitive skin that gets into trouble easily, you may need to use a good moisturising cream/ cleansing lotion like Cetaphil. 

Good luck!

India Dermatologist
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Dark pigmented scars and Melarase PM

Dark pigmented scars and pigmentation can be improved with topical creams such as Melarase AM and Melarase PM.  I would also use MelaPeel chemical peel to exfoliate the skin. Thick scars or hypertrophic scars also do well with Plato's Medicinals brand of Scar Serum. 

Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
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