How Can I Remove Aquamid from my Lips?

I had aquamid injected on my lips years ago. After having lumps and swelling developed a few months ago i did a surgery to remove it

My doctor will remove more in the future but what about the area above the upper lip? It is swollen and hard and he can not reach it. Is cortisone and liposuction a solution?

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Removal of Aquamid from the face

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Aquamid is a non-allergenic, non-absorbable, and bio-compatible hydrogel that is used for soft tissue augmentation. In our office, we specialize in the removal of Aquamid from the lips and face.  We have found that, indeed, patients can develop an allergic response to the Aquamid that requires removal. Our approach is either surgical or aspiration-based.  Not all patients are candidates for removal.




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How to remove Aquamid from lips

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Thank you for the question.

Aquamid is formulated as a hydrophilic polyacrylamide gel. It is permanent, reversible injectable filler. The product can be removed from your lips by needle aspiration. I would attempt aspiration first. Without examining your lip, it is difficult to determine what the cause of the swelling is, which would determine the subsequent management plan.  

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