Is It Possible to Remove an Angel Kiss Birthmark?

I'm 23 and it has been there half off my life they said it supposed to go away by 2 but it didn't. It's shape like a half moon medium pink between my eyebrows. And its just embarrassing, my self esteem is low every time i look in the mirror. is there any way it can remove completely?

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Vascular birthmark removal

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Yes, without a picture it is impossible to tell for sure but based on your description it sounds like you have a capillary vascular malformation/port wine stain of the glabella (area between your eyes) and lower forehead.  This is commonly know as a nevus flammus and is easily removed by a vascular laser which can target the oxyhemoglobin molecule in blood born lesions such as this.  I would recommend treatment with a pulsed dye laser or IPL device.  Usually several treatments are necessary to gain maximal benefit.

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