Is It Possible to Remove and Replace Implants and Do Some Lift with the New Ones in One Operation?

I have saline implants size 34D for about 13 years. I'm 122 lbs with 5'3". I always feel they're too big and after a pregnancy now they're sagging too. What are other things that a doctor should advice me to do. Thanks, Lina

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Breast Implant Removal, Replacement and Lift at Once?

Thank you for your question. A lift at the same time is commonly done, and should present no big issues with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon . They are presented with this challenge routinely and will offer you the options available. I hope this helps.

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Is It Possible to Remove and Replace Implants and Do Some Lift with the New Ones in One Operation?

Yes, that is possible, and indeed is commonly done. Assuming your breasts are "stable" after the pregnancy (at least several months after nursing) you could do this anytime. 

Figuring out how much smaller you wish to be is the hardest sizing challenge with implants. Patients without implants can use sizers to help pick a size,, and patients wishing to be larger can use measured quantities of rice to determine a good size. 

Since you have saline implants, on the day of surgery you can ask your surgeon to remove some fluid just before surgery, and you can look in the mirror at various volumes, but you only get one chance at each volume--you can't put it back.   Looking at implants in the surgeon's office can be a help also--your current size, and various smaller size. 

Your surgery was done before silicone gel was available. Discuss the pros and cons of silicone and saline before deciding.

Best wishes. 

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Replace sagging implants and do a lift

Pregnancy and breast feeding certainly can make your breasts get larger and droopier. It is possible to do a lift and replace your implants with smaller ones in one operation. You might also consider switching to silicone which is more natural and soft. If you have breast fed your child you should wait at least 6-12 months after you have stopped to undergo a revision. A revision of this type will be a more complicated procedure than the original augmentation, so be sure to have lots of help at home for a couple of weeks.

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