Remove It and Replace It? Sagging Breasts With Implants After Pregnancy?

Hi, I had my breast done back 2001 and then had my son in 2005 I also gained alot of weight then and just recently loss alot of weight this year. My breast procedure was done under the muscle with saline now I started to notice my breast is sagging when i bend down or working out at the gym. What do you suggest I should do? Please help because it's really bothering me!

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Remove and replace the sagging breasts with implants after pregnancy.

In most cases after pregnancy the breast do get bigger, deflate, loosing breast tissue and having extra skin left over.  Therefore, in most cases a larger implant would improve the situation and with a small amount of skin stretching it may not require a tightening but even with a bigger implant if the nipple is still saggy we will need to have a tightening or mastopexy procedure.

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How to Correct Sagging Breasts After Pregnancy

Hello. In order to prevent your breasts from dropping any further you should be sure to constantly give them support. When working out at the gym I recommend that you wear two well supported sports bras to ensure that your breasts do not drop any further. If you desire a change you should schedule a visit with your plastic surgeon to discuss options such as an increase in implant size or a breast lift. Refer to the site below to view examples of breast lift results.


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Breast revision after pregnancy

Many women experience breast sagging after pregnancy or any major weight loss.  There are a couple of different options that your plastic surgeon will discuss with you after an exam.  If there is a small amount of excess skin it might be possible to just exchange your implants for a larger size to replace the volume you have lost.  When there is too much excess skin, or you dont desire a larger cup size, a lift is a great option.  Depending on the type of lift you require, the procedures are designed to tighten the skin and reduce the size of the areola.  Breasts heal very nicely and the scarring usually comes in as a thin white line.  I hope this helps you.

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A breast lift is the ideal treatment for sagging breasts

It is not uncommon to be left with sagging breasts after a pregnancy, whether or not you had implants in the past.  In general, a breast lift a great way to address this problem (+/- implant exchange).

Women rarely ask to have the implants removed because it does not solve the problem of sagging.  Pictures would be helpful

A breast lift not only lifts the breast tissue but can also reshape them.  A technique we use in our clinic is really great at adding volume up top and reshaping the overall look.  Most patients love these results as a part of their mommy makeover to reverse the changes after a pregnancy.


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Breast Revision Surgery

Thank you for your question.

Based on your description, it sounds like your breasts have changed through the years and that you may benefit from revisionary breast surgery.  This revision may involve exchanging the breast implants and/or breast lifting. The exact procedure can only be determined upon examination by a plastic surgeon.  

Please visit with well experienced, board certified plastic surgeons who can show you many examples of their work.  Sometimes speaking with other patients who have undergone similar procedures is also helpful.

Best wishes.


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Sagging Breasts With Implants After Pregnancy

Don't take any of the responses you may get too seriously, except the one you will get to consult with your surgeon. Without photos, It is only a guess as to what your situation is.

With that in mind, here's my guess.  The breast skin has been stretched by pregnancy and nursing, and by weight gain, and because the elasticity is not what it was, the skin did not shrink back after the weight loss. 

A breast lift can remove the extra skin and reposition the nipple and areola which is usually necessary to fully correct the sagging. It is likely that you have lost some breast volume also, and using a larger implant may be a good choice for you.


Do see your surgeon, who can examine you and review all the options.  Best wishes.



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Sagging breasts

Without a photo I can't say for sure but as long as your implants are not deflated and have enough volume for yuo, you probably need a breast lift becasue of the pregnancy and the weight gain and loss.

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