How Do I Remove a 2 Month Old Eyebrow Tattoo Done in Very Dark Brown?

I had an eyebrow tatoo done at a salon (stupid mistake at 50 yrs old). I was adament about having it just a little darker than my natural hair color (med blonde w/pale skin). She said that it will fade & I'd be back there in 2 yrs. I said that I still did not want it dark. I also didn't want a pointy arch;it made me look mad when my face has a softer look. She agreed, but then did it her way anyway. I now have pointy,dark painted on eyebrows. What is the best way to remove/how long? Laurie on LI

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Laser tattoo removal in eyebrow

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In order to risk permanently inhibiting hair growth of the eyebrows, a Q-switched laser may protect the hair follicle better than a non-q switched laser. The latter are used more for laser hair removal and the q-switched for tattoo removal. The neodynium-yag laser might be better for darker skinned patients to preserve normal epidermal pigment.  A test spot might be worthwhile to check your response in one small area before proceding ahead and doing both eyebrows.

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Eyebrow Tattoo Removal

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Thank you for the question.

Laser tattoo treatment is the only predictable/effective treatment modality for permanent eyebrow tattoo removal. I generally recommend a small trial area to be treated with laser to make sure the laser and ink do not react ( oxidize) and result in a darker color.

I hope this helps.

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