Tattoo Removal for Raised Tattoo?

I have a large tribal tattoo on my back. When I run my finger over the tattoo it feels raised very slightly. I have looked this up and I know it is not uncommon, but obviously not ideal.

I was wondering for those who have a lot of experience removing tattoos if the raised skin will still be there and more importantly would be be easily visible. The last thing I would want is to spend thousands of dollars removing a tattoo only to have a scar looking exactly like my tattoo did. Thank you.

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Hypertrophic tattoo scar options

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The raised portion of the tattoo is most likely due to hypertrophic scarring, often due to allergic contact dermatitis to certain tattoo dye, e.g. red cinnabar dye. You should seek consultation with a board-certified dermatologist who may offer combination of intralesional steroid injection, imiquimod (Aldara) cream application, and/or tattoo laser.

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