Need a Tooth Pulled and Can't Afford Implant, Would Braces Help Fill the Gap?

My doctor says the rooth canal tooth(left lower molar) that had a crown 6 months ago has to come out as it appears to be a fracture in the bone according to the x-ray and suggests implants. I cannot afford for implant and I do not like them. Since, wisdom tooth is right behind the tooth that need to be removed- is it possible to move the tooth with braces if ther is very tiny amount of bone loss? Please tell if it is ok to leave the gap if braces is impossible. I am 39 years old./

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Closing lost tooth space with braces.

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 It is definitely possible to close the missing tooth space with braces.  It is especially good that you still have the third molar behind it because that probably can be moved forward also.  You need the whole situation evaluated by an ADA recognized orthodontic specialist.  If there are other tooth alignment issues they can be taken care of during the orthodontic treatment also.  Since the space is large it may be necessary to use some "temporary anchorage devices"  also called "mini implants" for a short time to "anchor" the front teeth so they don't get pulled back while the back teeth are being pulled forward to close the space.  I have been an orthodontist for over 35 years and it has only been during the last 5 to 7 years that we have been able to do this.  It is a great improvement .   The small "mini implants" will be taken out after the space has been closed.

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