Removal of Rib Onlay Graft and Spreader Grafts?

Hi, a few weeks ago I had spreader grafts and a rib onlay put in my nose (1st revision), and I'm a woman with a small nose that had a scooped bridge but I hate the look of it now. My scooped bridge looked so much better because my bridge now goes up to my eyes and looms really fake, and the 3/4 is huge. It's so bad I might even lose my job as I work with people. When can I have this removed? I don't want to wait 9-12 months. Is it possible to remove it at 3-6 months. I'm desperate.

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Removal of Onlay Graft During Rhinoplasty

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Thanks for the question. Sorry to hear that you have had such a rough experience. At a few weeks out from revision rhinoplasty, there is still a great deal of swelling present in the nose so your bridge should certainly look smaller with time.

However, if the onlay graft is truly too large for your nose (or has warped), it can be removed prior to 9-12 months. Another good option to consider is to just shave down the dorsal onlay graft, so that you can achieve a look in between the scooped bridge and the high bridge that is bothering you. You should bring up your concerns with your revision rhinoplasty surgeon, as she or he would best know the size of the rib cartilage graft placed in your nose. Computer imaging may be helpful, to best visualize and communicate the height of the bridge you are seeking. 

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