Removal or Revision?

I have had my saline 360cc subglandular implants since June '06. I have some capsular contracture in both breasts. I also develop keloids when I get anything pierced. I was a 32A before, and now am 32D. I love the size, but hate the way they look and feel. I was thinking just have them removed all together so I don't have to worry about them anymore, but I'm afraid I will be unhappy with the way they'll look after. If I knew I wouldn't develop cc again, I would just get new submuscular. HELP!

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Breast Implant Removal - Removal or Revision?

It is of course difficult to say anything for sure without being able to examine you...however, I doubt that you'll be able to remove 360 cc subglandular implants and be happy with the result.  You would almost certainly need to have some kind of lift, and that means more scars.

I would probably wind up recommending that you go with implants, slightly smaller if you'd like, but silicone gel and below the muscle.  That combination generallly looks and feels the best, in my experience, and would be the first-line change to what you currently have.  There is obviously no guarantee that this can produce what everyone wants, but it at least makes sense.

If you had already had that done, then I would probably move to recommending removal of the implants altogether, and that you would most likely need a lift.  But in the absence of that, I would probably recommend sliicone gel impants, submuscular.

I hope that this helps, and good luck,

Dr. E

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Removing Implants after Capsular Contracture

Many patients who develop capsular contracture have the same questions... , I see patients who just want the implants removed because they don't want to deal with the risk of getting the scar tissue again. Sometimes, going under the muscle may reduce the chance of capsular contracture.  You should be examined by a board certified plastic surgeon who has experience with breast revision to get the best advice.  It's difficult to say if you need a lift after removal -- no one will know exactly what your breasts will look like after the implants are removed until it is done. 

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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Removal of breast implants may require a lift or small implants

It's hard to give you an exact answer without examining you, but for the most part you'd need some sort of lift to get an aesthetic appearance to your breasts after explantation or going with smaller implants.

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