Removal of Prolene Sutures

Good evening, I'm wondering if Prolene sutures used in a skin tightening procedure (interrupted 4-0 sutures to suture the fascia to the muscular fascia, and 4-0 & 5-0 sutures to close the skin in the preauricular area continuing via the earlobe to the scalp following the hairline) can still be removed several years after surgery, and if so how this could be done. Would this require an extensive incision? Reason for removal is continuing swelling and discomfort of the skin. Thank you in advance!

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Facelift revision

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Removing the prolene is not that hard once you find it. There is the possiblity though that your complaints will not resolve after removal of the suture as it is a made out of an inert material. If the original sutures were placed as plication sutures they could have caused bunching of the tissues under the skin and you see this from the outside as swelling. Those bunched up tissues would now be stuck together so just removing the prolene sutures would not be enough. You have to cut the tissue to unbunch it. The most important thing is to get a copy of the operative report from the initial surgery so that the surgeon you choose for the revision can make a definitive plan for surgery.

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