Removal Options for Large Scar on Knee?

I have a large circular scar on my knee which is 10 years old. The scar is deep, takes up 1/3 of my knee and is from an unhappy period in my life. I frequently nick the scar when shaving or the area around it in order to avoid it. I am aware the knee is a difficult location to perform a scar revision due to the wide range of motion. What are the best options to revise the scar?

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Scar revision options on knee

In this area, skin is liimited and the closure can be tight which leads to a higher rate of complications. To remove the scar and minimize wound tension your options are to place a tissue expander ( balloon like implant beneatth the skin) or to perform serial excision (remove the scar in stages allowing the normal skin to stretch).

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Knee scar revision

Knee scars often aren't amenable to scar revision, and it sounds like yours is quite extensive. To do any surgery on your scar would also have to consider possible effects on your range of motion, which is more important than the cosmetic considerations. You need to have a plastic surgeon evaluate your scar's location, color and thickness to determine if any surgical or nonsurgical scar treatment can be done to improve it safely.

Douglas J. Mackenzie, MD
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Revising a knee scar

Without a picture, it is hard to tell for sure but I will say that there are very limited options for what you have and quite probably there isn't one that would be good. You should visit with a few plastic surgeons and ask for ideas based on their exam.

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Pptions for large scar on knee

Without photos, we cannot even begin to explain the surgical options available for possible knee scar revision. Please forward photos in flexed and unflexed position. Regards.

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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