Effects After Removal of Eyebags

I just had my bags removed 1 week ago, and now the doctor took out the stitches, and put on a plaster for 5 days, I just wonder, my undereye hair has gone, will they come again?. I also can see that my eyes are hanging quite a lot, will that be corrected after some weeks? Thanks in advance

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Appearance after fat removal from the lower lids

First of all, the incision is typically just below the lashes, the lashes should still be present.  On ocassion, if the fat has been removed as well as a small amount of skin and the lids are not tightened termed a canthopexy at the time of surgery, the lid may be drifting downward revealing more white beneath the colored portion of the eye termed the iris.

There are several things that can be done in the short run.  Squeezing your eyes tightly 5 times an hour while awake may help to improve the tone of the lower lid as the muscles are bruised after surgery.  Gently massaging the eyes in an upward direction only may also help (this is a lifting type maneuver). Lastly, taping the eyes may also help.  This is something you will have to ask your doctor to direct you so that it is done correctly.  All of these may help during this early post operative period.'

Lastly, from a symptomatic perspective you may find that using eye drops with out preservatives,an example is refresh, may be very soothing.

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