Removal of DPV on Skin of Colour. I Have Them All over Chest and Back?

I have DPV all over my chest from each preganancy. They cover the area under my bra. They are flat and dark and are starting to feel rough to the touch. How can I get them removed without discolouration and scaring? I have been told that I need to look for a dermathologist that has the right laser resurfacing for skin of colour. Plesae can you lead me to who can get this done and how?

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Patients with dark skin can get keratoses (DPN) removed easily without scarring.

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Curretage of the DPN's or seb keratoses are easily removed without scarring and can change a person's life. Lasers would not be advisable. Expect a few sessions if you are covered in them but it will be so worth it. Sincerely,

David Hansen,MD

Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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