Will Removal of Chin Implant Increase my Odds of Ending Unbearable Pain?

Small chin implant placed thru intraoral incision 14 weeks ago. Lip paralysis and severe nerve and muscle pain have still not resolved. Have not slept thru the night in 3+ months. Severe nerve pain with agonizing pain under implant. Neurologist noted damage to cranial nerves 5 and 7. Consulted 2nd plastic surgeon who recommended removal. My plastic surgeon continues to recommend 'give it more time.' He insists removal of implant will probably not end pain. What do you think?

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Will Removal of Chin Implant Increase my Odds of Ending Unbearable Pain?

 I have performed many Chin Augmentations, with chin implants, for well over 25 years and this type of pain/discomfort is well beyond the norm.  You can go back and ask the neurologist to perform a temporary mental nerve block to see if this relieves the pain.  That would indicate the mental nerve CNV branch was injured or is being impacted by the implant itself.  This is a very rare event, in my opinion and might indicate that the pain would improve when and if the chin implant was removed.  

 If there's no pain relief with the lidocaine nerve block, this may indicate the pain is associted with a cut, damaged or stretched branch of the facial nerve CNVII that should not be in direct contact or proximity to the chin implant itself and would not be improved with its removal.  Hope this helps.

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Pain following placement of chin implant

While pain from traction on the mental nerve (sensory nerve serving the chin) is often seen after chin implant placement, it usually resolves in a few weeks.  Pain of this magnitude seems unlikely to be related to swelling and stretch on this nerve and perhaps is resulting from direct pressure on the implant.  While there could be no guarantee of resolution, consideration of implant removal at this point may be the way to go.

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