I want to remove the fat that was transfered to my cheek and under eye area. Is this possible and how should it be removed?

I want facial transfer to be removed even if end result of transfer looks good. Doc placed in cheek area and under eye. I don't want this. It has been 3 days since my surgery. I'm thinking the sooner the better so fat doesn't stick. Should removal be done thru a bleph? And what is the soonest date I can get it removed after surgery?

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Unhappy with fat transfer

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Just wondering why you did the surgery in the first place if you don't want it there now?   It can be removed but this will entail some additional surgery, and you may end up looking worse than you did pre-op.  I would wait and let the fat resorb.  In some people a significant amount of the fat may resorb and you may be one of these - although this is not what we hope for in our patients who come in for fat transfer.       

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Removal of transferred fat

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Three days after surgery is too soon to be thinking about revising anything. You still have swelling and as some of the fat resorbs you are going to see significant changes over  the next few week. Be patient and follow with your surgeon. It can be removed at any time. 

Facial Fat Grafting Removal

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At just three days after surgery, you may be looking at swelling and not just the fat grafting. Fat has a hard time 'sticking', particularly in the undereye area, so it is best to wait. Many of your concern may be self-seolving by six weeks after surgery. It is no easier to remove the fat now that it would be six weeks later.

Want 3 day old fat transfer removed

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I personally think it would be ill-advised to remove the transferred fat at this early stage. Just as you have changed your mind in 3 days, you again may change you mind back. This transfered fat is placed in small tunnels and in multiple layers, attempting to remove it could leave you with other deformities. You are swollen now and some of the transfered fat will dissolve. Be patient!!!

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