How Can I Remedy Nose Discoloration One Year After Surgery? (photo)

In April ‘11, I had a rhinoplasty reduction surgery in Bangkok. Three months later I had a small revision surgery to remove excess bone. Now I have a small, bluish discoloration spot at the hump removal site. I went back to see the Dr. in April ‘12 but he only told me to wait and give it time. I asked him if a whitening serum would help and he said to try it which I’ve yet to do as I have very sensitive skin. So, any ideas on what the cause may be and any suggestions as to how to fix it?

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Nose discoloration

There are different types of coloration. One where the skin become a little darker brown like and there is a bleaching cream for that your doctor can order,. What you seem to have is new blood vessel formation and for that one or two laser passes can correct the problem.

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