Remedy for High Level of Testostrone

i am 20 yrs old woman and i have high level of testostrone i have reduced my weight and now my bmi is 20 what should my diet include,i have recceding hairline ,is regrowth of hair possible

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High Testosterone and Hair Loss

You should consult your endocrinologist for a proper diagnosis and treatment of your hyperandrogenic state. The loss of hair may only be a secondary consideration depending on the cause of the problem.

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Hormone Dysregulation Causing Skin/Hair Changes

Dysregulated hormone levels can have a major impact on a patient's skin, hair and nails.  I recommend that any of my patients with a hormone disorder be evaluated and treated by a board certified endocrinologist in addition to a dermatologist.  The co management of these disorders is ideal for an optimal outcome.

Anthony Perri, MD
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