Remaining Bump After Open Rhinoplasty/Septoplasty

I am a male 24 years old who had open rhinoplasty/septoplasty 6 weeks ago. Though my breathing is now perfect, i am far from pleased with the aestetic result. My tip seems unshaped, but i am confident cos it still seems swollen and i have a thick/oily skin in the area, but what really concerns me is that i still have a small bump. My surgeon reasures me that it is swelling but I am starting to believe that at week 6 it has to be bad outcome. What is true?

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Bump following rhinoplasty/septoplasty surgery

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Different people take different times to heal.   It is not uncommon for the dorsum or back of the nose to take its sweet time to heal.   The periosteum/perichondrium has been disrupted or traumatized.   Protective callus formation occurs around any traumatized bone.  The callus can be felt as a bump.   The callus will resorb once the healing has abated.  There may be some residual bump, which may be secondary to the healing process.  IT is best to speak with your surgeon.  The surgeon wants you to look good, and feel even better.  There would be no reason for he/she not to tell you the truth.  Why would he/she betray the trust?

Indeed by 6 months if there is still a small bump, it may/maynot be prudent to remove the bump.   OFten times there is residual scar tissue in this operated on area and at the OR table, once the scar tissue is released, the bump dissapears.   SO, it is the healing process---scar tissue---persistent callus---that is present.  NOt the lack of surgical talent or inattentiveness of your surgeon to detail.  It is merely the way you heal.  

On the otherhand, it is possible that there was under-resection of the bump.  If so, then your surgeon will discuss with you your options.   



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