Relapsing Before Getting the Aligners?

I had finished metal braces 6 years back for Class2 malocclusion After that teeth again relapsed slowly Now I ordered Invisalign I took the bite impressions and moulds of my teeth now. This will be sent to the aligner company. Doc told it may take around 40 days to get it Is there a chance that teeth will relapse so much in 40 days and the aligner will become unfit for my teeth? I even worry thinking too much all time about this can cause some pressure on teeth that may cause it moving further?

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Relapse before getting aligners

You may have a slight amount of movement from the time the impressions are taken til the delivery of the aligners but it will not effect the fit of the aligners since the amount of movement would be insignificant


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Relapsing before Receiving the Invisalign Aligners

Any amount of movement that takes place between the time of impression, and the time of insertion of your first set of aligners, will be so insignificant, that you should NOT worry.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
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Teeth won't shift while you wait

If there IS some shifting, it will be insignificant.  The majority of shifting happened when the braces were taken off 6 years ago.

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After braces your teeth are now in a new position and the bone has not settled in. It is normal for the teth to shift a little and when you get the trays they will move back shortly to the desired position. This is why retention follow up with your Dr and following his instructions is very important

Jacqueline Demko, DDS, MSD
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