How Do I Get Relief from the Burning Feeling of One Particular Tube? (photo)

When It Drains and when I Cough the Pain is Almost unbearable.

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Pain from Tummy Tuck drain

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I am not aware of any local treatment that is likely to significantly reduce the pain from the drain, short of removing the drain once it is time.  In particular, local anesthetic creams are not likely to help, and are generally designed to go on intact skin, not an open area like this.

This is one of the reasons I stopped using drains for tummy tucks back in May 2008.  However, not using a drain does make the surgery take longer and requires additional work, so most surgeons still use drains for their tummy tucks.

However, you should check with your surgeon to make sure there is not a problem with some of the muscle sutures causing pain when you cough.

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