Relapse After Braces, How to Fix the Gap, Dental Bonding or Veneers? (photo)

Its been around 6 months since I have had my braces. I was wearing my retainer then all the sudden I started getting gaps in my teeth. I still wear my retained at night because I don't want the gap to get too big. This picture was taken around 16 hours without my retainer. Basically I need a way to fix the front gap, I was thinking cosmetic bonding since its the cheapest but I am worried about the gap in the back of my teeth. (only the left side has the gap) What are my options? I have a 3.5k budget.

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Gap between front teeth

If you started with a large gap between your front teeth this is no surprise!  This type of gap (diastema) is very difficult to hold closed in fact, knowing this, we routinely bond (glue) the two front teeth together on the inside when we take the braces where the retainer full time..get the space closed and then have the doctor bond them together!

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