Could I Be Rejecting Implant?

I am having yellow clear drainage from right breast1 month post op from breast implants. site red inflamed no fever . been short of breath one week after surgery also do involuntary breaths several times a day. all this is newsince surgery

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Drainage from incision after breast augmentation

There should be no drainage from the incision after breast implant surgery.  Yellow drainage and redness are signs of a possible infection with any surgery.  When implants get "infected", sometimes they actually have to be "removed", but that is a decision that can only be made by your plastic surgeon.   I would make an appointment right away to see your plastic surgeon. 

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Could I Be Rejecting Implant?

No, its not Rejection. its infection. Its almost imposible rejection. Call your Plastic Surgeon .Dr. Alfonso González Cepeda.

Alfonso Gonzalez Cepeda, MD
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Drainage after breast implant surgery is not normal

There should be no drainage from the incisions after breast augmentation. Drainage along with redness around your incision are signs of an infection. Please call your plastic surgeon right away for evaluation and treatment. Best wishes.

Gregory Park, MD
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Drainage after breast augmentation

Without a photo it is very difficult to assess the issue.  You should see your PS ASAP to determine if you have an infected implant or wound infection.

Delio Ortegon, MD
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Drainage may mean infection

I think you need to return to your surgeon ASAP.  If this is coming from your incision, you may have an implant infection. 

Gordon Lewis, MD
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You could have an infection

It sounds as if he might have an infection.  I think he need to return to your surgeon as soon as possible to have them examine your surgical site.

Good luck,

Dr. T

Scott Tucker, MD
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