My upper eyelid revision is way too high. Will massaging it down help to lower it down? (photos)

I had my surgery a week ago, I went back to my doctor today for follow up check up. He told me it was a bit high so he told me to massage it down to lower it. Is that really helpful? Im a bit teriffied . Its appears that my right is look surprise. Thanks in advance

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Overcorrected eyelid from ptosis surgery

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It definitely appears too high. I don't massaging is enough. See your surgeon asap for possible reversal of surgery if this was done recently.

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I would take you back to surgery now.

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I am extraordinarily tolerant of a heavy upper eyelid after ptosis surgery.  However, an over corrected eyelid like your is another matter.  This needs to be prevented from permanently healing in this fashion.  In my opinion, this needs urgent surgical intervention to lower the eyelid.  Massage is for small issues.  Call your surgeon now and tell them this needs to be fixed.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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