Will massaging my eyelid lower the post op "too high" crease? (Photo)

I had my ptosis surgery a week ago and I went back to mu doctor for a follow up chrck up today, he said my operated eye was a little bit too high. He said to massage it down startinh Monday to make it a little lower. Will that help? I look surprise in my right eye and I cant quite close it all thw way. Thank you

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Massaging an upper lid for overcorrection

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It is unlikely that massage will bring your lid to a normal and symmetric level. You will hear differing opinions - I would recommend early revision for this amount of over-correction. You will achieve a better and more comfortable lid position without having to wait. Best wishes with your decision.

We usually over correct the ptosis repair but it appears that you have had more than usual over correction.

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Yes, please go ahead and massage your right upper eyelid as much as you can. It will help you most likely. Time also is on your side. the more time passes it would get most likely it will get better.

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