Time Between Explantation and New Implant Surgery?

I am from CA and came to Pakistan to get breast surgery done. I got a breast lift w 350cc text. implants. About 3-4 weeks later they had to be removed due to compl. bc of sized implants. Now they look disfigured. they will be replanted in 3 weeks w 250cc impl. Is this enough time bw surgeries? HELP!

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Best to allow 4-6 months between Breast Implant Removal and Replacement

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Sorry to hear of your condition. You are experiencing the major reason why Medical Tourism can be a disastrous idea.

Not sure why your surgeon decided to go with textured breast implants for an uncomplicated primary breast augmentation. After an implant infection requiring removal, we need to allow enough time for the body and antibiotics to completely remove all bacteria AND allow for tissue softening. This requires 4-6 months. 3 weeks is inadequate and will result in a bloody operation with a higher rate of capsular contracture and even possible re-infection.

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Time frame depends on several factors

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This is unfortunate.  Without the specifics it is difficult to comment.  If there was no infection then the time frame can certainly be sooner rather than later.

Implant redo surgery

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I have my patients wait at least 3 months and usually  longer about 6 months before having them undergo revision surgery.

Time between explantation and replantation of breast implants

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Not knowing the specifics of the case, I would recommend waiting at least 3-6 months between explantation and replantation of breast implants.

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